1900 - 1976

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Welcome and thank you for visiting this site!

We’re Kris Flaten, one of Arnold’s grandkids and David Flaten, one of Arnold’s kids. Through this site we’d like to collect your stories, photos, memories, reflections about Arnold Flaten and post them to share. Arnold was already 57 by the time Kris was born. Kris will share some of her stories but we would also like to hear yours! Working together, we’ll get lots of kaleidoscopic views! Check back often, as this will be a dynamic and changing process. 

The other purpose for this website is to make copies of the watercolor prints available to you. Soon, you’ll be able to order prints and pay online; for now, you can order by email; I’ll reply by email w pricing information and address for your check. And it won’t be too long before there will be a link that will take you to a website where you’ll be able to choose the size of the prints you order. So, there are lots of good, interesting things coming up!